Wow stands for Women on Wheels



is the buzz we get when we ride



is meeting inspiring women to ride with

Get Ready to Roll

WOWride Cycling Club

Our Mission

WOWride connects like-minded, dynamic female cyclists to ride strongly together in a fun, safe environment.

Our Members

WOWride members ride a road bike at AVERAGE speeds of 23-35 km per hour (average includes all terrain) and have a base level of fitness and bike experience. They have joined WOWride to hang out with awesome women while improving their bike handling/group riding skills and of course to share some laughs. If this describes you or where you want to be this season, then WOWride Cycling Club is for you.

Make Sure You Can Keep Up With The Group!

To make sure everyone is having fun, you need to be able to:

Ride at a steady speed and a comfortable distance behind another rider, ride straight and in control when fueling and communicating, and ride clipped in at a minimum speed of 23km/hr for a minimum 50 km ride.

Tune up your bike, clip in and be part of WOWride Cycling Club. Be “WOW’d” by what you can achieve on a bike.

By women, for women. We are stronger together.


Fellow riders, We are totally excited to get our season started as soon as the government and Cycling BC says we are good to go. Keep well and we will see you soon. PLEASE COME BACK TO OUR SITE ON MAY 31st FOR AN UPDATE ON THE SEASON.



Get Ready to Roll!

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Annual membership fee is $210.




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About Us

WOWride connects like-minded dynamic female cyclists to ride strongly together in a fun, safe environment.

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Telephone: 604-818-5200
Email: [email protected]

cyclingbc_logo_miniWOWride Cycling Club is a proud member of Cycling BC.