Here’s what our members are saying about us:

“I have cycled with a few different clubs and didn’t enjoy my rides until I joined WOWride. Not being left behind and learning how to keep up with the group made my rides more enjoyable. I looked forward to my Sunday rides. There was always lots of encouragement and lots of laughs. Thanks WOWride for a great season of riding.”

“Great people, women riding together is awesome!”

“100% recommend” ” Love the community.”

“I joined WOW to know I had guaranteed rides scheduled for me and guaranteed riding partners. The unexpected outcome was meeting fantastic women and feeling a powerful sense of female camaraderie on the road. WOW is the talk of the town among females – and male roadies!“

“I just loved it on a sunny Sunday morning when we all rode safely together and our lines were tight and everyone was working together, safe, and gaining practice on the bike. I think that was a Steveston or No. 6 road ride – so great!”

“Meeting like minded woman is awesome…”

“Loved the women I met and the new friends I made and I got a kick out of seeing women get better.“

“A fun supportive group- I was afraid of riding on a pace line before WOW, now I feel comfortable and safe.”

“I love the camaraderie of the other members. There are some amazing women in the club which makes ir something I love being a part of.”

“This was my first WOW season and I am so looking forward to next season. Thanks for all the work that everyone did to make it such a great experience.”

“It’s a good way to get out riding early in the season and start getting in shape for summer. Love the female energy/power. Great way to learn the sport and keep improving.”

“You have created something very special with WoW where women of all ages can challenge themselves to be the best that they can be. Thanks, looking forward to next season.”