Check out our new sleek look & items in midnight navy for 2021!

NEW THIS YEAR: higher end superior fitting SPF 50 jersey with longer leaves, tapered collar and angled pockets for easy access, superior comfort yoga band shorts, free to pee bibs for faster stops, a lightweight hat for under your helmet , a neck sock that doubles as a mask, and a superb base layer. Fill out Jakroo’s GUARANTEED SIZE RECOMMENDATION  FORM (personally reviewed by 2-3 people) and you will be emailed the size you should order for a perfectly fitted kit.

Jakroo Store is open March 31- April 14th 2021!

We have secured preferential pricing to encourage you to get the WOWride look from Head to Toe.


Women’s NOVA PRO Jersey-   fit options slim & standard. We recommend SLIM.


Women’s Barrier Wind Jacket


Women’s Epic WindVest Standard Fit


Women’s Cadence Pro Bib Short that pull down so”Free to Pee” 


NEW Women’s Lux Yoga band Short – higher and more comfortable around the waist


Infinity  SPF 50 Arm Warmers – UNISEX SIZING


QUEST Thermal Knee Warmers – UNISEX SIZING


Base layer


Loki Beanie Hat


Neck wrap (and great mask) with SFP 50