We are working hard on our new modern kit for our 10th anniversary celebration. Stay tuned for more details…

GUARANTEED SIZE RECOMMENDATION  FORM – if you are not sure what size to order, complete this form in the store. It will be personally reviewed by Jakroo and the size you should order for a great fit will be emailed to you. How great is that?

We have secured preferential pricing to encourage you to get the WOWride look from Head to Toe.

Women’s NOVA PRO Race Jersey-  New better fit, SPF 50 .


Women’s SWIFT PRO Wind Jacket – great stretchy fit and easy to pack away. The perfect riding jacket


Women’s VAPOR AS all Season Wind Vest – easy to pack away, new solid back.


Women’s Cadence Pro Bib Short that pull down so “Free to Pee”. NEW – all dark suspenders


Women Cadence Pro Short – higher shorts with a nice compression feel. 


Neck wrap (and great mask) with SFP 50


Base layer


QUEST Thermal Knee Warmers – UNISEX SIZING  


Infinity  SPF 50 Arm Warmers – UNISEX SIZING


Loki Beanie Hat