Ride Safe:
Read our Rules of the Road

Obey these rules: we want you to have fun AND stay safe on the road.

    • Helmets are mandatory.
    • Always ride with a spare tire, CO2 cartridge and/or pump.
    • Know and maintain your bike.  This will ensure you will have a good ride.
    • Bring water and food on rides. You are responsible to fuel appropriately.  Rule of thumb is 1 bottle of H2O per hour.
    • Follow all rules of the road: traffic signs, signals, stop signs, red lights and cross walks.
    • Use your hand signals and call out to communicate to the pack.
    • Ride as close as you can to the wheel of the rider in front of you and where you feel comfortable. (do not cross tires).
    • Share the lead. If you feel comfortable in a pace line, do your time up front.
    • No earphones… it is just not safe. But, feel free to sing if you must.
    • BE MINDFUL. We all share the road so be courteous to drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists.
    • Wear your WOWride club kit.  It helps spread the word about WOWride Cycling Club and you look awesome in it. Get kit here!
    • Bring the right clothing for the weather.
    • Be on time for scheduled rides.
    • Understand and be honest with your ability and your fitness level.  Our focus is to improve no matter where you are right now.
    • NO Tri-bars.
    • Ride hard. Smile often… as Axel Meryx says. Bring your willing legs and lungs to every ride.  Give it your all and have fun.
    • Leaving a ride early? Let us know on the ride and text us when you get home.
    • Be generous and share: cycling knowledge, healthy recipes and nutrition, stretches and photos.
    • Keep up with the Group: Ride at a steady pace at a comfortable distance behind another rider,
      ride straight with balanced control while fueling and communicating & be able to ride clipped in at a minimum speed of 23 km/hr at a minimum of 50km.

Be social & spread the word about WOWride Cycling Club

Help us grow as a club!
Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter & Instagram, and our cycling group on Strava. Be sure to post your pictures and tweets and tag us @wowridecycling, #wowridecyling, #strongertogether.

We are #strongertogether. See you on the road.