Ride Safe:
Read our Rules of the Road

Obey these rules: we want you to have fun AND stay safe on the road.

Be alert, steady, calm and predictable. 

    • Helmets are mandatory and must be snug fitting. Ensure it is not cracked or > 3-5 years old
    • Clipped in pedals are mandatoryNO tri-bars please.
    • Wear sunscreen. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and road debris or unexpected rain. 
    • Always ride with a spare tire, CO2 cartridge and/or pump. Know how to change your tire.
    • Know,  maintain, and clean your bike and cleats.  And..lube your chain, so you have a a good ride.
    • Book a bike fit to avoid injury and cycle more effectively and comfortably.
    • Bring 2 water bottles and extra food on rides. You are responsible to fuel appropriately.  Rule of thumb is 1 bottle of H2O/hr, 60 grams of carbs/hr. Wash your water bottles! Drink more if it is hot. If you have a cramp, drink H2O or electrolytes.
    • Follow all rules of the road: obey traffic signs, stop at stop signs and red lights, stop at cross walks for pedestrians. If a group gets divided at a stop light, wait for them to join you after the light has changed.
    • Use your hand signals or call out significant hazards, stops, and turns. 
    • Ride as close as you can to the wheel of the rider in front of you and where you feel comfortable. (do not cross tires with the rider in front of you).
    • Ride tight to the right, in a straight line, and close the gaps in your riding group. 
    • Adjust the group pace if necessary by soft pedaling or feather braking so the group stays together.
    • When starting from a stop, lead riders ride out slowly so rest of group can clip in and catch up
    • Do not ride between a car and a parked car. Watch out for parked cars opening their doors. 
    • Share the lead. If you feel comfortable in a pace line, do your time up front, remember – do not surge when you take the lead, just keep a steady pace.
    • On a climb, give the rider in front of you a bit more room in case they stand.
    • If standing, say “standing” so the rider behind is aware. Do not to throw your bike back when you stand. 
    • On a descent: faster riders descend first and leave lots of space between riders in case a rider needs to  swerve or make an emergency stop. 
    • When passing, please say “on your left”. 
    • Shoulder check when you are passing or turning. 
    • Double up at left hand turns (be like a car), last rider checks to see if road is clear.
    • No earphones… it is just not safe. But, feel free to sing if you must.
    • Do NOT take photos while riding in a pace line. Take photos when you are at a full stop. Smile:)
    • BE KIND. We all share the road so be courteous to drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists.
    • Wear your WOWride club kit.  It helps spread the word about WOWride Cycling Club and you look awesome in it. Get kit here!
    • Bring the right clothing for the weather. If < 15 degrees, wear knee/toe warmers. Take jacket/vest for descents. 
    • Be on time for scheduled rides.
    • Understand and be honest with your ability and your fitness level.  Our focus is to help you improve no matter where you are right now.
    • Ride hard. Smile often… as Axel Meryx says. Bring your willing legs and lungs to every ride.  Give it your all and have fun.
    • Leaving a ride early? Let us know on the ride and text your domestique when you get home.
    • Be generous and share: cycling knowledge, healthy recipes and nutrition, stretches and photos.
    • Keep up with the group: Ride at a steady pace at a comfortable distance behind another rider,
      ride straight with balanced control while fueling and communicating & be able to ride clipped in at a minimum speed of 23 km/hr at a minimum of 50km.

Be social & spread the word about WOWride Cycling Club

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We are #strongertogether. See you on the road.